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IECEx equipment certification

IECEx equipment certification refers to the process of the evaluation and testing of the construction of products that require to be certified under the IECEx Equipment Certification Scheme.

The above IECEx scheme is not a mandatory product certification scheme, but a voluntary certification scheme.

The basic objective of the IECEx Equipment Certification Scheme is worldwide acceptance of one standard, one certificate and one mark.

Since there are still many different national requirements for certification of Ex-products, the acceptance of Ex-products covered by only one certificate from a foreign institution is not expected to occur for all countries soon. Nevertheless, the evaluation and testing done to the relevant IEC standards and documented in completed IECEx test reports, are widely accepted internationally as basis for national Ex-product certifications. This makes starting the certification of an Ex-product under the IECEx rules the preferred starting point for any Ex-product certification.  

The rules for the IECEx Equipment Certification Scheme are outlined in the IECEx Operational Document IECEx 02.

''IECEx Certified Equipment Scheme covering equipment for use in explosive atmospheres-Rules of Procedure''

(link: IECEx rules)

These rules include that every IECEx equipment certificate shall be based on both:

- a product evaluation and testing to relevant standards of the IEC 60079-xx and ISO 80079-xx series standards, and

- a production quality assessment report to IEC/ISO 80079-34.

For details on production quality requirements, please contact us.


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