News: CCC for Ex

CCC certification for Ex in China
(last update: 2019-04-09)

In 2019, there will be coming new certification rules for Ex-products sold in China. These new rules will apply to products manufactured inside China AND to products manufactured outside China.

All Ex-products sold in China will be required to be covered by a CCC product certification

The new CCC regulation requires that ALL Ex-products, irrespective of the place of manufacture, must be assessed in a three-step CCC certification process:
1. The Type Test (Ex-product evaluation, testing and certification)
2. The Initial Factory Inspection
3. The Post-Certification Supervision

Until now, manufacturers that sold Ex-products inside China, but manufactured these Ex-products outside China, were exempt from CCC and thus exempt from steps 2 and 3. Under the new CCC rules, the full 3-step CCC certification process will apply to them.

Thus, the initial and on-going production quality at the manufacturing location(s) for the Ex-products, will become part of the CCC certification in the near future.

Important to know:
These new CCC certification rules (CNCA-C23-01:2019) are currently being drafted by experts from CNEX/CQST appointed by CNCA and other authorities in China.
- The formal Product Certification Implementation rule is being finalised now.
- An Ex-Product Catalogue is being prepared, stating requirements for specific product categories.
- A Guideline for the CCC certification of Ex-products is in preparation.

As soon as further details emerge, we will state them on this page for you.

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